by Laura

Because when you’ve been to more funerals than you have weddings, you think about this shit.

Also, ain’t no one allowed to play bullshit music at my funeral. Fact.

Let’s begin!

Dan Sartain, “Atheist Funeral” I want there to be no confusion as to this point: Dear family, when I die, please spend the money you would have spent on a minister on MORE FOOD AND BOOZE. Even though we’re all from the South and as such I know there will be plenty of both.

John Prine, “Angel from Montgomery” This one played at my dad’s funeral. A life lesson for the living.

Nas, “Life’s A Bitch” Another life lesson. This one wasn’t played at my dad’s funeral though.

Smog, “Dress Sexy at my Funeral” I would’ve done the same for you.

Pavement, “Heaven is a Truck” More songs at funerals should be about living instead of dying.

Tom Waits, “All the World is Green” “The dew will settle on our graves, when all the world is green.” Because life keeps moving, even when yours has stopped.

Styx, “Come Sail Away” Because SERIOUSLY HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE? I’m sad I’ll miss it. Because I’ll be dead.